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why children fight over their inheritances

Thoughtlessly planning your last will and testament is the top reason why children fight over their inheritances. If you think the “template” you discovered by mail is a huge step forward, think again. Familiar storylines on daytime TV highlight jealousy, distrust, anger and even crime over the bigger piece of the pie you leave behind.

Leaving your children a well-crafted, prayerfully made last will and testament will set the harmony in your family moving forward. It is your last act as a parent, to ensure your children are bonded well.


Retirement Revolution

We’d like to give you a great guide as you think about how you’d like to divide your assets among your children after your death. As we are all God’s stewards, we will use God’s word in lighting our way. Download this FREE eBook today!

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Module 5 of our Retirement Revolution online course helps you develop your will so that you are very certain it goes to the right hands after your death. We will teach you how to apply God’s principles into your last days as God’s faithful steward. This is an online course that you can access 24/7 from the comforts of your own home.

Sibling rivalry

I think the first recorded sibling fight was between Cain and Abel (read Genesis 4). Today, we can see that every family has a child fighting with another for a reason or two. As a parent,  one of your responsibilities is to keep family harmony. Early, open and honest communication is key and communicating your intentions and expectations during your lifetime will reduce family stress and unwelcome surprises for your loved ones.

Most importantly, bring God’s word into every discussion. A thoughtfully, prayerfully crafted will and testament will guide your children in the years ahead.

In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Australia’s Vision Christian Radio20Twenty radio program with host Neil Johnson.

Episode 153 of the ChristianWealth audio podcast.


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