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Seriously, what is stopping you from saving? Technology is making it very easy to begin. The tools are now literally in your hands. An app, a task reminder, the news, social media, everyone is pulling you to save. Give in.

Start with a budget. A budget is all about taking stock of our total weekly or monthly income, and how we plan to spend it. It doesn’t end with just a plan. Executing it and taking control of your spending plan are the next crucial steps. Consistency in keeping to the plan is what will make the real difference in your journey to financial freedom.

We are here to help you realize God’s plan with your finances. Please make it a habit to visit to grow your knowledge of Biblical principles surrounding your wealth. God is massively driven to grow, to multiply all He has given you. Let us listen to Him, He is a patient teacher and a generous giver.

Seriously now…

So what are your expense priorities? Give it to Him for His divine input. Your spending behaviour should be deeply connected to God’s plan. He brings the consistency we need to keep to His plan. After all, it’s His money and we are all but His faithful stewards.

In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Sam and Ross on 96three FM, going through the series of Biblical Foundations of Money Management.

Episode 198 of the ChristianWealth Podcast.

This eBook can help, and it’s free to download now!

Simple Changes journey to financial freedom

Simple Changes for the Journey to Financial Freedom

For years, I’ve seen family and close friends struggling with money. After much prayer, it became very clear that most Christians, whilst desiring to be faithful to God when it came to money, we’re handling it the world’s ways. 

In this eBook,  let me share with you 10 simple changes you can take RIGHT NOW to begin your journey to financial freedom. I pray God uses this eBook to speak His wisdom into your life. I know you will find it beneficial to you and your family.



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