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What happens with your superannuation when you die?

We all know it is YOUR money but what happens with your superannuation when you die? Is nominating a trustee enough? Things happen in the course of one’s active life, does your superannuation behave accordingly so that when you die, your superannuation still benefits your loved ones?

We will help you review your superannuation

Module 5 of our Retirement Revolution online course helps you develop your superannuation so that you are very certain it goes to the right hands after your death. We will teach you how to apply God’s principles into your last days as God’s faithful steward. This is an online course that you can access 24/7 from the comforts of your own home.

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Will you still be running hard for Jesus until the end, or slow down to take it easy? This is a crucial question we all need to answer as we face the question of our own retirement. How can we continue to give God our very best when retire? Let’s plan it out while immersing our hearts in the wisdom of God’s word. This is a mindset revolution!


A degree of flexibility

As a financial planner, I am amazed when I discover that people’s superannuations do not name specific beneficiaries.  In time, this will make your superannuation behave independently from the intention of your will as the trustee now makes the decision (who the beneficiaries are and how the fund is divided), not you.

Your superannuation is flexible! You CAN adjust it to your preferences and I recommend you do… while you’re still alive.

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