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The ChristianWealth video podcast is a collection of YouTube videos, published by Alex Cook, founder of the and portals. Let's learn about what the Bible says about money, wealth and business. 


Should you invest in bitcoin?

They certainly are getting a huge amount of attention lately, and I’m sure you probably know someone who has already dabbled quite a bit on bitcoin. You might even know somebody who has made a lot of money on bitcoin! Should you jump in and have a try yourself?

What Is Impact Investing?

A very insightful discussion on a Christian’s financial investments. As God’s stewards, we are called to generate strong financial returns on our investments. Wisdom would likewise guide us to place it on projects, and companies that are very close to our faith, values and beliefs. 

Impact of war on our finances

Set cash aside for savings, also to prepare for financial opportunities that may present themselves. Diversify and invest in high-quality assets. The impact of war on our finances is imminent, but when you plan and commit it to the Lord, He will be your shelter and shield. Proverbs 16:3 assures us “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”

Investing in chaotic times

Take a look around the world and you would agree that the world is very different. It has changed. Natural and man-made disasters, COVID-19, and of course, war. The impact of war on the world’s economy is unprecedented as we see countries coming together to wage not just armed conflict but economic conflict as well.

What happens to your money when you die?

One of the most exciting topics I would like to discuss is Estate Planning 101. Statistically, a topic that most people would not think about, but 100% of us really need to plan on what happens to our money WHEN we die. Similar to birth, and taxes, our death needs a plan.

The key mistakes retirees make

Now that we are relying on the capital we’ve built over the years, what should be our plan in living the next golden years ahead? We can certainly prepare for growth, yes, we need to! Let me tell you more in this special video for our future retirees.

What is Superannuation and is it any good

I’ve been in the finance industry for about 20 years and I am very familiar with superannuation. Let’s discuss how this finance vehicle can help you hold your retirement savings. More than a vehicle investment, did you know that it is a tax investment benefit? Watch this video today!

What should a Christian retirement look like?

If you’re a parent or a grandparent, pass your faith to the next generation. It is a purposeful mission, and God has cast you to play the lead role. We should teach, impress, and inspire our children to follow God. It is the best inheritance you can give, and it will last from one generation to the next.

Should Christians Retire?

One key reason people come to me is to get advice about their retirement. I am often asked, “Should Christians retire, Alex?”. As believers, we know we are here on earth for a purpose, and that is to glorify God with what we have and who we are. The Bible, surprisingly, does not mention retirement but as Christians, we need to aim to be prepared financially for retirement.

Getting a home loan

We all have that natural urge to build our very own home. The plan is to have it totally paid off by the time we reach retirement. The reasons behind getting a home loan comes in many forms, but today, let us think about some of the dangers in getting a home loan.

Stock Market Investing

Intimately knowing the company you are investing in will help you achieve your fund goals. Remember that speculation is gambling, and as investors we need to be diligent. We are called to be stewards of what God places in our hands. Look after your funds carefully and invest in good quality assets.

Credit Cards

In this episode, Alex talks about the effects of credit cards and some alternatives to it.

Property Investing

In this episode, Alex talks about the principles of investing in property.

Why is it difficult to save?

Why is it difficult to save ? Because society encourages us to spend. The “buy now” button is too irresistable! We need a plan!