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I need a simple strategy to save… what is the bucket system?

Running out of money shakes most of us to the core.  What happens when we outlive our savings. This situation can be avoided if we systematically put a system to save. Let me share with you a tool that will keep you on-track and with your financial “big picture”. The BUCKET SYSTEM.

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Can I put off planning my estate until I am say… 60

We really often defer thinking about it, but estate planning is so important as it will always be YOUR FINAL ACT OF STEWARDSHIP. Who are you going to leave it to if you’re definitely not bringing your money with you?  As a faithful steward, we need to give it serious thought. Let’s talk about it today on this podcast.

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I’ve done my budget, but why is it still difficult to save money

You’ve done your budget plan on paper, excellent. Certainly off to a good start. Now you need to follow the plan with 100% consistency. It’s a totally different world on paper, isn’t it?  Let’s talk about a few critical elements in the budget that will help you stick to your plan. The budget structure, your goals, and time… it’s a critical balance you need to take control today.

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This free e-book will help you get rid of bad debts by using a very simple plan!

Easy-to-follow instructions that will help you identify which debts to pay off first so you can get out of debt as soon as possible.

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Hi Alex, what is a budget?

Good question! A budget is perhaps the best window to see into one’s relationship with God. It shows what an individual, family or ministry values, where they spend time, where they place their trust, and where they allow God to reign in their lives.





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