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A term coined by the World Economic Forum and is a global think tank founded in the late 70s. Now famous for its annual event attended by celebrities, politicians and leading business people. A massive organisation for influential individuals coming together to talk about global issues and what’s ahead of our times.

It is quite an interesting discussion as we relate The Great Reset with a few biblical prophesies, the fulfilment of some of them, and how it relates to prophecies that are yet to occur.

Where is God?

As Christians, and as we are God’s stewards, we do need to raise our awareness of what is going on around us. However, and more importantly, we need to keep our focus on what matters in the eternal. While so much change has occurred in the last 2 years, God hasn’t changed at all. He still remains in TOTAL control, His word should always be trusted AND ultimately, He will bring peace to the world.

Let us focus on what God is doing, rather than what evil is doing, in the world. God has a plan and it is for our good. 


In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Ask Alex with host Neil Johnson on Twenty20 Vision.

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In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Sam and Ross on 96three FM, going through the series of Biblical Foundations of Money Management.

Episode 198 of the ChristianWealth Podcast.


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