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Creating a Church Vision & Mission – getting it right

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Church Vision & Mission

Talking about Vision & Mission is not uncommon amongst Church Leaders, but what is less common is ensuring the Vision & Mission are built so robustly that they have a genuine impact on the Church. Let's explore the 'how' of Church Mission & Vision. Your Church Mission What is a mission? Your mission is your purpose as a Church and why you exist. It can be broken into three important and distinct parts: WHAT you do; WHO you do it for; HOW you…

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Vision - The driving force behind successful entrepreneurs

  There are two statements that no successful entrepreneur can live without.  They are the driving force and reference point for all decisions.  They are your Mission & Vision. These are powerful statements that will inspire you each day, by reminding you of your purpose. They will also provide direction and focus to your business’ activities. Why waste time doing things that won’t help you achieve your Mission and your Vision? Let’s begin by looking at what God says: Where there…

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