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Mark Zuckerberg Paints a Picture of Success, But What Does the Bible Say About It?

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Picture of Success

Close your eyes and imagine a picture of a successful business. What do you see? High revenues and satisfied customers? How about a quickly expanding industry? Million-dollar deals? Every entrepreneur hopes and prays to see this picture and more. But while all these are fair metrics of success, a Christian business owner must look not only at his business plan but also at the Word of God to see how He defines true success. The thing is, for a Christian,…

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Christian Wealth TV (CWTV) - Episode 14 with Wez Hone, Founder, Business Greenhouse Nowadays you can start a business with just a mobile phone, a Facebook or Twitter account, and a good number of contacts. It is quite easy to begin a business with these simple tools. With just a few clicks, you could literally sell something to someone... online (and get really, really rich!). The opportunities are waiting for you.

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Your social media skills count!

Social media has changed everyone’s lifestyle, from the way we connect to people to the way we conduct business. Whatever state of mind you may be in, chances are you’ve shared it on Face-book. Whatever delectable food you stumbled upon, you’re tempted to post a picture of it on Insta-gram. When you’re too excited and can’t wait to share something you’re passionate about, you tweet it. And if you’re job hunting or want a career change, you must be in…

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