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“Faith is essential in your success. Faith is needed in almost every area of our lives: work, projects,  and small business endeavors,” – Alex Cook

Should we be praying for our finances?

Apr 14, 2022 | AUDIO PODCAST, MONEY | 0 comments

Yes, this may surprise you but your finances are really important to God.  He is your faithful provider. He knows when you need it before you do! So pray, ask, and expect God to listen.  Wait for Him to provide.  As a good Father, He will always provide.

Ask God for wisdom as you receive His provisions. Expect Him to share His plan to grow, multiply and share whatever He places in your hands.

In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins The Big Breakfast on RhemaFM 99.7 Newcastle.

Episode 193 of the ChristianWealth Podcast.

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Money and Fear

Money and Fear

No recession in heaven, He owns & controls everything. In heaven, worrying about money & fear doesn’t make sense. On earth, we all just need to ask God to provide! He enjoys providing for the faithful.


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