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Should you be renting or buying a house? I know this question may be causing you a bit of pressure and a few sleepless nights! Have a listen to this audio podcast. It will help you clearly focus on the sound fundamentals of owning your own home.

As Christians (God’s stewards) we need to step back and consider all areas. Owning your own home is a major decision. Do not make it alone. At this stage, time is your greatest asset.  So take your time and pause… while you still can.

God’s mind

Have you consulted God in prayer? What has He to say? God would like to take an active role in your life and THIS is a major thing He would really like to be involved in. Do not take a risk beyond God’s will.

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Owning your own home is a goal for most of us. But the process of obtaining a home loan can be daunting with more than 1000 different loans in the marketplace. This short guide will give you insights into the home lending market and how to get the loan that is right for you.


In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Australia’s Vision Christian Radio20Twenty radio program with host Neil Johnson. 


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