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Kingdom Media Limited trading as Christian Wealth (“CW” or “we”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our user’s personal information. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to the information that we collect from the Christian Wealth website located at and from all other Web sites owned or operated by Kingdom Media Ltd, including (but not limited to) & (This Policy uses the term “Site” to refer to all such Web sites.) This Privacy Policy is effective 1st September, 2015.

  1. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

    By supplying information to and/or accessing or using any CW Site, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy. Any changes to this Policy will be posted at this URL,, and will be effective immediately from the date of posting. When you continue to provide information to, to use, and/or otherwise to access any of the CW Sites following the posting of any amendment, modification, or change, you are accepting this Privacy Policy as so amended, modified, or changed.

  2. Collection of Personal Information

    CW does not collect any personally identifying information (or “Personal Information” for short) about you via the CW site unless you voluntarily submit such information to CW by, for example, registering for a CW service, submitting your e-mail address to the Site to subscribe to a newsletter, purchasing an item from the CW site, filling out a survey or registration form on the Site, etc. Types of Personal Information that may be collected may include (but is not limited to) the following:  1)  your name  2)  your address  3)  your e-mail address  4)  your telephone number

    CW collects limited financial information from you via the CW Site only if you voluntarily submit such information to CW by, for example, purchasing an item from the CW Site. Such Financial Information may include (but is not limited to) your credit card information, billing information, electronic funds transfer information, etc. Financial Information will be retained and used only for the purpose or purposes for which such Financial Information was provided.

    In general, CW will use the Personal Information that you provide via the CW site for the purpose for which such information was provided. CW may also use this Personal Information to deliver to you information about our organisation, including (but not limited to) information about new items available from CW, information about events offered, sponsored, or endorsed by CW, information about prayer needs. Your Personal Information may also be used to contact you when necessary in CW’s judgment. You may opt-out of receiving future communications from CW by following the instructions set forth in the Section 10 below.

  3. Access to Personal Information

    Upon your request, CW will provide you with access to the Personal Information, Account Information, and Financial Information that a CW site maintains about you. (Personal Information, Account Information, and Financial Information may be referred to collectively in this Privacy Policy as “User Information.”) To obtain access to, correct, and/or update your User Information, please contact CW Customer Support at, providing appropriate verification of your identity (which may include, but is not limited to, your user name and password used to access your account), and providing or correcting the relevant information.

    CW does not share your Personal Information with third parties except as explained in this Privacy Policy or except as you have otherwise agreed.

    As required by law. CW will comply with applicable laws regarding your Personal Information and other User Information. Therefore, CW may release your Personal Information and other User Information in response to a subpoena or as otherwise required by applicable laws, regulations, or rulings.

  4. Collection and use of Non-Personal Information

    When you visit the CW site, the site may collect Non-Personal Information about you in a number of ways, including tracking your activities through your IP address, computer settings, or most-recently visited URL. Such Non-Personal Information may also include (but is not limited to) your IP address, your browser type, your computer settings, the date/time of access to the Site, the most recently-visited URL, and similar information.

    Non-Personal Information, such as demographic and profile data, is used to tailor your experience at the CW Site and to show you content CW thinks you might be interested in. This Non-Personal Information may also be shared with others on an aggregate non-personal basis.

    This Non-Personal Information is collected passively and normally is not combined with any Personal Information. If and when unique Non-Personal Information is combined with Personal Information about you, it is treated in the same way as such Personal Information under this Privacy Policy.

  5. Cookies

    When you view the CW site, the site might store some information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a “cookie” or similar file. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your hard drive, not on the CW site. The Cookies used by the CW site do not spy on you or otherwise invade your privacy, and they cannot invade your hard drive and steal information. Rather, they help you navigate a Web site as easily as possible. The CW sites use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to prevent you from reentering all your registration data at each connection. The CW site use cookies to store visitors’ preferences, record session information, and record past activity at the site in order to provide better service when you return to the site.


    Comments submitted to this site are the responsibility of the commenter. We reserve the right to eliminate or amend comments at our discretion. Site URLs (if provided) are published along with comments. E-mail addresses are required with the submission of comments but are not disclosed, unless the commenter deliberately does so by entering the e-mail address in the main comment box in addition to the box clearly labeled for the e-mail address.

    Kingdom Media Limited reserves the right to delete any comments that it deems not beneficial to the readership. This includes but is not limited to comments containing foul language, self promotion, harassment, intimidation, or spam of any sort.

  7. Security

    The CW site use industry standard security measures to help protect the information under our control and help prevent its loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration. While there is no such thing as “perfect security” on the Internet, CW takes reasonable steps to protect your Personal Information. For example, those areas of our site that process your credit card information across the Internet use 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect that data from interception during transmission. You can tell in most browsers whether you are in an SSL area by viewing the lock or key in the security report area of your browser window (often at the bottom or at the top) – an unlocked or broken key (depending on your browser) means you are in an unsecured area.

  8. Opt In & Out

    You may opt out of receiving communications from CW by e-mailing the information to

  9. Links to other Websites

    The CW site contain links to other Web sites either in our newsletters, blogs or on the site itself. CW is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

  10. Contacting Kingdom Media

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of any Kingdom Media site, or your dealings with the CW site, or if you wish to report any problems related to or possible violations of this Policy, please contact CW in any of the following ways:

    By Telephone  :  + 852 5808 2588

    By Mail

    Kingdom Media Limited
    901 Hermes Commercial Centre
    4 Hillwood Road
    Tsim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong

    By E-mail  :