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Preparing for Recession

We now live in a very daunting season. On a daily basis, we are alerted about financial news that will worry even the seasoned investor. A crisis of confidence is upon us and preparing for recession is the wisest move we can make. We’ve discussed a few things you should consider moving forward so be sure to listen to this audio podcast today.

Are you invested in the stock market? This online course will guide you with relevant information that is very timely for this specific season.

The Christian Investor

ONLINE COURSE: Christian Investing

This course is the product of my 20 years in the Financial Services Industry, most of which were providing advice to wealthy individuals and their families. I can show you a simple, logical process for investing, using the principles established in God’s word and how to implement them in the modern world.

Module 10 – Understanding the times – Investment edition :

  • Understand the current world socio-economic and demographical issues and how they will impact you, your family and your business
  • Identify strategies to thrive in an uncertain financial climate
  • Why the financial crisis of 2008-2009 is far from over
  • Understand why financial commentators and economists are wrong more often than they are right!
  • Investing in uncertain times
  • Recognise and respond to the world’s problems as kingdom opportunities

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In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Ask Alex with host Neil Johnson on Twenty20 Vision.

Episode 208 of the ChristianWealth Podcast.




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