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“God expects us to give not as an afterthought, but as our top financial priority.”, – Alex Cook

Organizing a Fundraising Dinner That Rocks

Aug 28, 2016 | Fundraising, MINISTRY | 0 comments

Whether you are organizing a sacrificial dinner or a celebration dinner, you want people who come to go home thinking and talking about the event and your cause. You want to create an impact in the minds and hearts of those who participated in your fundraising dinner.

Organizing a fundraising dinner that rocks entails ample preparation of six to 12 months. Write down clear objectives for the event such as the amount of money you want to raise, a list of strategic people you want to invite, and other goals you want to achieve through the event.

Meticulous planning gets half of the work done! Ensure that all the important details are considered, but pay attention as well to little things that can add to the success or failure of an event.

The choice of venue is very important.

You want to create the right atmosphere and ambience that will contribute to what you want to communicate. For example, if you are raising money for an environmental cause, you will choose a “green” venue with eco-friendly practices and can provide a showcase for people to be inspired.

Prepare a program that is in keeping with your overall theme for the event.

If you chose a formal event, the tone of the program and the participants on stage should exude the same quality.

Always include music.

Invest in good musicians and singers. They are guaranteed to create a lively and wholesome atmosphere that will make your guests feel good. If appropriate, have community singing. Make sure you provide the lyrics of the songs for the audience to follow.

Choose a master of ceremonies who will live up to his name

He must master the flow of the ceremonies. A good emcee knows how to connect with his audience, makes them feel welcome and allow them part to be part of what is happening.

Produce a professionally made multimedia presentation that will clearly communicate the case for support.

You will never be sorry for the investment you made in contrast with a mediocre production that leaves a bad taste afterwards. Create a multimedia presentation that will stir the emotions, fill the hearts and minds of the audience long after they leave the event.

Include testimonials.

Nothing is more powerful than testimonials of people whose lives have been transformed by your ministry. Ministries such as World Vision encourage their sponsors to give their testimonials to encourage others to become child sponsors.

Finally, the pitch—this is the time when the audience will be asked to empty their pockets to contribute to the cause!

Choose someone with credibility and confidence to deliver a convincing and powerful ask. Make sure to provide pens, response slips that people can fill out, as well as envelopes to put their contribution.

Organizing a fundraising dinner that rocks will make the audience grateful they came and contributed. You want to make these people feel they are part of the cause. Follow up with a thank you letter and reiterate the value of their contribution.



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