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“Faith is essential in your success. Faith is needed in almost every area of our lives: work, projects,  and small business endeavors,” – Alex Cook

The worldwide post-pandemic situation has raised inflation rates to a concerning level. As a result, central banks have raised interest rates to mitigate the long-term effects on world economies. This is too technical for us ordinary folks to understand fully. I hope this video will help you grasp the concept and start you off navigating a higher interest rate world.

We know that when tough times come, opportunities arise. And that’s how we should think about this new increasing interest rate environment we are all adjusting to. However, as we see these opportunities, we should carefully review what’s best to take and best to ignore.

Impact to investors

LESS CASH FLOW. Do I have your attention now?

As banks are now charging higher interest rates, business plans need to adjust accordingly. Business loans now cost higher than before so investors will need to work around it and adjust their return on investments accordingly. You now have less cash flow in the business to work on, and this directly affects how you can support your business.

What should we do?

This new economic world is certainly an interesting one so let me offer you this course to help in navigating a higher interest rate world.

The Christian Investor

ONLINE COURSE: Christian Investing

This course is the product of my 20 years in the Financial Services Industry, most of which were providing advice to wealthy individuals and their families. I can show you a simple, logical process for investing, using the principles established in God’s word and how to implement them in the modern world.

Module 10 – Understanding the times – Investment edition :

  • Understand the current world socio-economic and demographical issues and how they will impact you, your family and your business
  • Identify strategies to thrive in an uncertain financial climate
  • Why the financial crisis of 2008-2009 is far from over
  • Understand why financial commentators and economists are wrong more often than they are right!
  • Investing in uncertain times
  • Recognise and respond to the world’s problems as kingdom opportunities

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Our most popular webinar is free to CW readers! Thanks to the team of Wealth With Purpose!


The Prosperity Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel

Is it a manipulative concept? Does God want prosperity & wellness for you? The prosperity gospel is certainly one huge debate in the church.

Biblical investing – my top 9 tips

Biblical investing – my top 9 tips

Is there such a thing as Biblical investing? Why do my financial ventures even matter to God? Does He care about my stock portfolio and my other financial instruments? YES! God is interested at everything that matters to you.

Spiritual warfare over money

Spiritual warfare over money

The enemy is relentlessly finding ways to knock us down. He is undefeatable if we fight him alone, but when we put our faith in God, when we listen to God and do what He says, our victory is inevitable. This is the big fight, and we’ve got the best coach in God.


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