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Live Generously

How does God measure our giving?

For Christian giving, there are three parties to our gifts. There’s the giver, the recipient, and God, the often, overlooked party. But how does God, who owns everything, possibly benefit from our giving?

Making Sure “Generosity” Is Generous

Generosity is more than dispossession of assets. Giving is that — reducing the amount of “stuff” we have — but biblical giving is more than that. For the Christian, generous giving means intentionally transferring a piece of one’s wealth so others will benefit.

5 Ways to Beat Pride in Giving

Someday in the hallways of heaven, I believe Nebuchadnezzar and Mary will meet. The man who built Babylon and its famous hanging gardens will run into the woman spoken of across millennia as “a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph” (Luke 1:27a).





Does God care where we give?

He knows that as we glorify Him out of gratitude for His gifts to us, we experience true life. And He desires that we reflect His generosity through our giving.

What does it mean to be rich toward God?

Life seems preoccupied with money. We work for it, spend it, save it, dream about it, and stress over it. Nearly everyone obsesses with making just one dollar more.

How can giving break the power of money in one’s life?

Money, or the love of money rather, breeds many things that are anti-blessed or not “happy-making”. Money has the tendency to isolate and cause anxiety. It has power in our lives because we believe it can fulfill, protect, give control, and ultimately satisfy.


Make Money

The Reward Of Diligence

We should endeavor to be diligent in everything we do. This must be our attitude in the workplace or wherever God has placed us.

Is HE the Lord of Your Money Too?

Money, when used for noble purposes, can go a long way. But when used for selfish gain, it can be destructive. Love for money can blind our hearts and will push us to do things that are displeasing to God.



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The Biggest Danger to Your Relationship with God

The One true God and the god of money cannot co-exist in our hearts and in our lives. They are irreconcilably opposed to each other. Which one will you allow to take control over your life? Is it God or money?