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“God expects us to give not as an afterthought, but as our top financial priority.”, – Alex Cook

Your Leadership Team and Fundraising

Jul 16, 2016 | Fundraising, MINISTRY | 0 comments

It is everybody’s job! The leadership team sets the tone for the organization’s  fundraising efforts. The commitment of the leadership to fundraising is essential to the success of any fundraising program and campaign.

Trustee Leadership

Trustee leadership is important in the effectiveness of the fundraising program of the organization. As representative of society, trustees can take important fundraising initiatives not available to the President or the fundraising staff.  It will be good for the Board of Trustees to form a development committee consisting of wealthy and influential individuals who can effectively communicate with potential donors. But it is incumbent upon all the members of the board to act as spokespersons for the organization and get involved in every campaigns of the organization.

Presidential Involvement

The role of the President is a significant factor in the success of any campaign. Conventional wisdom dictates that 30 per cent of his or her time should be spent in it. Some experts recommend that presidents should focus their effort in two areas: first, on obtaining major gifts and second, on administrative leadership.

The latter includes strategic planning, policy and strategy decisions, selection or evaluation of the Chief Development Officer, getting the board involved, personal involvement in the campaign, and articulating the vision of the organization.

The President should be able to balance the time for fundraising with that of advancing the vision of the institution.

The Chief Executive Officer sets the pace by being heavily involved in giving their time, talents, and resources. The commitment of the people will rise no higher than that of the leadership. Such was the case during the Billion Peso capital campaign of a mega church in Manila, Philippines.  The head pastor provided the leadership gift equivalent to ten percent of the total goal. The other church leaders and the rest of the congregation followed suit and the church was able to raise the one billion peso goal on time.

Some practical tips in raising leadership involvement in fundraising:

  1. Recruit board members who can lend their wisdom, work and wealth
  2. Provide job descriptions to board members that include raising funds
  3. Empower the Chief Executive Officer to devote one third of his time to fundraising
  4. Commit resources and budget allocation for fundraising program
  5. Appoint a Chief Development Officer who is a people mobilizer
  6. Provide fundraising training to the board and the leadership team
  7. Join networks such as the Christian Stewardship Association, Ministry Fundraising Network, and Global Generosity Network

The more people are involved, the greater the commitment. Always give opportunities for people to get engaged in the work of the organization. Finally, leaders should model generosity and giving. Provide regular training and teaching about biblical stewardship to help them grow as stewards who are rich towards God. Wealth With Purpose ( provides online workshops and seminars such as the Generosity Express course, a rapid learning generosity course where people can study God’s Word, watch high impact videos designed to help you create a church of genuine, God honoring stewards passionate about multiplying God’s Kingdom.


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