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If you have money in the bank, you are earning absolutely nothing. In fact, due to inflation, you are likely to lose money. So naturally, people are shifting their money to other money growth instruments like property investing or getting stock shares. Back to the question, should I invest in a property, today?

The short answer. WAIT.

Before purchasing property, please pray and wait for God to confirm it in His Word, the Bible. Remember that purchasing a property will mean a mortgage, a debt that you are bound to honour with payments for the coming years. Ask yourself these questions:

  • if interest rates change in the next few years, and they will, can I still afford the payments?
  • if a family emergency occurs, can I continue the mortgage?
  • have I read the fine print?


In this episode: Alex Cook discusses the caution we all need to exercise. Biblically think about this and prayerfully consider it before buying a house and entering into a massive amount of debt.

Episode 161 of the ChristianWealth Podcast.

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