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Giving back to God

We are called, as stewards, to honour the Lord with everything that He has placed in our hands. Each of us has different amounts, so some may give more than the other, but the bottom line is giving back to God should always be at the forefront and with the best. Honouring God is putting Him first, with your best at all times.

Building a culture of generosity

Generosity Express

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GIVE, but after praying

As Christians, we need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit, and yes, most importantly with our giving. In fact, in everything we do, we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. Giving back to God these days have become very convenient that it is easy to miss His role in the process.

When praying, ask God to confirm in your heart what He needs you to do. Do not give out of your emotions, but rather give after careful thought:

  • Know the organization you are supporting and giving to
  • Know what God is doing through the organization
  • Do not borrow to give

Finally, remember that He’s never in a hurry, so you don’t need to be too. When you finally know His will… obey with all your heart.

In this episode: Alex Cook, CEO of joins Breakfast with Sam and Ross at 96three FM with hosts Sam and Ross.

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Episode 152 of the ChristianWealth audio podcast.


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