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Business In A Time Like This

Starting or running a kingdom business? This recently filmed presentation of our founder Alex Cook, will give you an insight into what is happening around the world, the opportunities and challenges that exist and how your business can thrive in a time like this.

Church Leaders & Money

Are you a Pastor? This webinar is designed to address the key financial issues faced by Pastors and provide practical biblical solutions.

Marriage & Money

Ask Yourself: Are finances causing stress in your marriage?
Are you finding it hard to reduce debt and save money?
Do you want more financial freedom to spend more time with your family and serve the Lord?

Do You Have Enough Insurance?

There is a fine line between faith & foolishness. On the one hand, we want to trust God in all things, but then, on the other hand, we know we live in a fallen world and those bad things can happen to good people.

Future Proof Your Church

Australia is unique in that it is the only country in the world that has not had a recession in 28 years. Unfortunately however, a number of excesses have built up. Already Australians give 9% of their income to the bank in the form of annual interest, or put another way, the average Aussie Christian tithes to the bank!

Finances 2020

Kick start 2020 with some financial wisdom! There are more than 2350 bible verses on money, wealth and possessions. Put simply, God cares about how we handle our money.

Coronavirus – The Impact on your Finances

This 1-hour webinar discusses biblical stewardship, understanding investment in uncertain times, and the potential impact of the Coronavirus. We’ll explore how to prepare your family and finances for any economic environment.

Coronavirus – The Impact on your Church

This 1-hour webinar discusses the potential impact of the Coronavirus on the economy and how this may flow through to Churches.

Recession-Proof Your Business

In this 1-hour webinar I will teach you:
• The mindset of a Kingdom Entrepreneur
• The common mistakes businesses make in a downturn
• 10 Simple Strategies that will help your business grow even in a recession
• Strategies to improve your cash flow
• Ensuring God is involved in your decision making

Health Insurance - is it worth it?

In the seminars we conduct across the country, I am often asked about private health insurance, with the usual question ‘is it worth it?’

Growing Your Church Income During Covid-19

According to the US “State of the Plate” 65% of Churches have experienced declines in their giving since the Covid-19 crisis began. Roughly 8% of Churches are experiencing an increase in giving.

Retirement Planning in a Low Return World

This webinar will explore how you can still plan for your retirement in a world where returns are likely to be lower (or negative) for the foreseeable future.

Insurance - How Much is Enough

We live in a nation that is significantly over-indebted and at the same time is chronically under-insured. As a result, each year many families are pushed into financial hardship that could have been avoided.

Learn strategies to do well and do good.