Fundraising - More Money For Ministry - Christian Wealth - Make Money, Live Generously
Want to turbo charge your church finances

Need more money for ministry?

Many Churches and not-for-profits have a compelling vision but not the funds to achieve it.  In this eBook we explore how you can effectively fundraise for your ministry.

In it you will find…

  • What you MUST to teach your members about money
  • Creating a compelling reason for people to give to your Church
  • Beating the fear surrounding money
  • What a culture of true generosity really looks like
  • Understanding where your Church is at on the journey to generosity
  • Why Debt is killing your Church and what to do about it
  • How intimacy with God impacts your member’s giving
  • Learn the reasons why people give so that you make sure you are a Church that deserves it
  • How to provide your members with sound financial discipleship
  • Making sure you are a good role model to your members
  • Build giving warriors in your Church


Learn strategies to do well and do good.