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“God expects us to give not as an afterthought, but as our top financial priority.”, – Alex Cook

Characteristics of God’s Steward on Earth

Feb 3, 2016 | MINISTRY, Stewardship | 0 comments

Now, it’s time to put all your stewardship principles into practice. It’s easy to talk about how to honor God with your worldly possessions or how to live within your means and keep out of debt, but actually doing it may be another story.

Like most Christians, you know that nothing you have today actually belongs to you. Yet, it remains a struggle to live everyday grasping the biblical truth that God has entrusted you with your talents, money, business, family, ministry, and entire life for the sole purpose of glorifying His name. Yes, that is God’s command, to live everyday according to His word and utilize His gifts to do so.

Have you ever met anyone who took his business or money to his grave after he died? No one has ever done it and that’s because you ultimately don’t own it. But God requires that you steward all He has given you for as long as you live.

So how does biblical stewardship look like? What should a steward’s lifestyle be at home and at work?

What are his attitudes towards earthly treasures?

Allow the items below to give you a better picture of the biblical steward God requires.

Committed to the church and God’s ministry

For a Christian to fully understand God’s design for stewardship, he must be wholly committed to God and His work. Knowing God is the starting point of obedience to Him. It will be impossible to honor God with every earthly possession you have if you are not living a life of daily commitment to Him. Honor God with your life and everything will follow.

Models integrity

The Bible says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little, can be trusted with much.” The passage is self-explanatory. A steward of God will never deal dishonestly or use his skills to deceive others. Prove faithful with whatever God has already entrusted you with and watch Him uphold and bless you.


God requires His stewards to work diligently using the skills, time, energy, money, ministry, family, and every blessing He has entrusted under their care. Whether you’re working directly in church ministry or not, your work habits will reflect your life as a Christian, so make sure it gives glory back to God.

Leads a modest and responsible lifestyle

If you truly believe that everything you have has been entrusted to you by God, then you will not live to feed your luxuries and personal desires. Instead, your lifestyle will be one of modesty and responsibility. Make sure you live within your means, exercise self-control, and glorify God with everything you have.

Lends a hand to the poor

A steward believes that what he has is all God’s and so it becomes easy to readily help those in need because this is what God would have done if He was here. God commands in His word that Christians help their brothers in need. Therefore, use whatever you have to lend a hand to others to the best of your ability.


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