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Kingdom Business

Does it matter how we earn our income?

Whether we own a business or work for one, our role carries significant ethical responsibilities. When we promote our goods or services to the public, we must use clean, clear and honest messages.


Business Skills

Are You Marketing to the Wrong People?

One of the classic mistakes an entrepreneur can make is not having a proper understanding of who their customers are and what will really motivate them to purchase from the business.

The Most Effective Way to Structure a Business

How you structure you business may not be the world’s most exciting topic but it is a vital one with substantial long-term impact, , and by substantial, I mean potentially amounting to millions of dollars worth, depending on the success of your business.


Our Times

Are You Called To Business? (Part 2)

When you think of a kingdom business, what comes to mind? Is it merely a Christian in business or a Christian who happens to own a business? Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a truly Kingdom Business.

Are You Called to Business? (Part 1)

I believe that being in business is a “calling.” it is no better or worse than being in other types of ministry. Business is exactly that—a ministry. If business is your calling, then it is also your ministry.



How A Kingdom Entrepreneur Should Start Their Day

The key is gratitude: start your day grateful. When we (entrepreneur) remember to thank God for His faithfulness and His new mercies, we put ourselves in a place where we can see the blessings poured and the opportunities offered.