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How does God measure our giving?

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How does God measure our giving

For Christian giving, there are three parties to our gifts. There’s the giver, the recipient, and God, the often, overlooked party. But how does God, who owns everything, possibly benefit from our giving? We learn as early as Cain and Abel that God seeks personal pleasure in our gifts. The Hebrew text suggests that God gazed at Abel and his gift. He fixed his eyes directly on Abel, taking pleasure (showing regard, favor, respect) in the transaction. Cain’s gift did not…



Generosity is more than dispossession of assets. Giving is that — reducing the amount of “stuff” we have — but biblical giving is more than that. For the Christian, generous giving means intentionally transferring a piece of one’s wealth so others will benefit. This is an important part of Christian stewardship. One of the curious values of the faith is that we are called upon to reduce that which we steward and give it to others so they may steward…


Pride in giving

Someday in the hallways of heaven, I believe Nebuchadnezzar and Mary will meet. The man who built Babylon and its famous hanging gardens will run into the woman spoken of across millennia as “a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph” (Luke 1:27a). One was the picture of pride; the other the embodiment of humility. Both have something to teach us. To beat pride in our giving, we’ll have to learn what Nebuchadnezzar learned and live how…

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