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Episode 1: Should Christians retire?



There are many aspects of our society today that have become so normal, that we don’t often question it. But as Christians, it’s vital that we reflect on our society (and reflect on what we consider to be normal) in line of what God’s word actually says on a particular issue. Surprisingly, the Bible is virtually silent on retirement. In biblical times, and in fact for most history, you work until you drop.

However, today retirement speaks as a kind of “nirvana”, a time when you get to sit back and enjoy life. After all you work hard for it right?

Let me give you a passage of scripture that says this on retirement, “So even to old age and gray hairs, oh God, do not forsake me until I proclaim Your might to another generation, Your power to all those to come.” – Psalms 71:18

What a great way to go out from this world, by proclaiming His name to the future generations. That would be a retirement well worth having!

So really it’s not so much a question whether you work until you drop, or sees worth, but rather a question how you used those years to run your race for Jesus.

So before retiring, ask God when!

Or if you think you should retire maybe, just maybe, He wants you right where you are.

Remember retirement is not God’s waiting room, but rather God’s engine room.



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