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Is your Church financially healthy?

Episode 3: Generosity



What does true generosity looks like?

Most of us naturally tend to think that they are reasonably generous. In fact I’m yet to meet anyone that says, “Hey I’m really stingy!”. But are we really generous? And to that matter, what does true generosity really look like?

Let’s start by considering the greatest act of generosity that we know. The bible says (in John 3:16) that “God so love the world that He gave His one and only son”, for you and for me.

Jesus death on the cross, from the sins of mankind, is the ultimate act of generosity.

The thing to know about true generosity is that it’s sacrificial. You can be generous in all sort of ways, with your time, with your talents and of course with your financial resources.

I was blown away recently when I met a lovely pastor who for over the last few years have given away four cars. She saw people in need, and the response that she gave was sacrificially!

Generosity is God’s way of doing His business.

In fact God says “it is better to give than to receive”. In the early church, we know that Christians, who also have private properties ownership, will often sell homes and land in order to make the need of others.

I believe the western church can be like that again. So today I want to challenge you, ask God to help you practice generosity it will transform your life and of course the lives of those you have touched.

Why not start now? We can be blessed today by showing them true generosity



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Is your Church financially healthy?

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