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Episode 7: Is Money Your Idol



When we think about idolatry we tend to think of the Israelites bowing down and worshiping a golden calf. In our western society, idolatry is something that usually is a good thing that’s taken too far.

Working hard is a good thing, owning a home is a good thing, having a nice holiday (from time to time) to relax and rejuvenate is a good thing. The problem is when we take it too far. The danger is when these things control us and consume much of our life, that is when idolatry have gotten enough foothold on our lives.

I used to read car magazines voraciously, then cutting them back not because car magazine are bad, but because I found myself wanting more and more expensive cars. It got to a point where it really impacted me. What I’m saying is that we need to be careful not to take any one thing too far, for that one thing becomes the only thing.

After all the only ultimate thing is having Jesus in our life. It’s the only thing of lasting eternal value.

So let me challenge you today by asking you this, are there any possession or plans in your life that are distracting you in your love of God, holding you back from the purpose that He has for you?

If so it is easy to fix, and God loves a repentant heart.

He’ll help you get back on track and live for Him each day .


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