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Episode 15: Dangers of debt



In today’s society, debt is perceived as normal, harmless, and necessary… but is this really the case?

I want to suggest to you that debt can be dangerous, and as Christians we should give very serious consideration how much debt we have. I want to highlight the key areas where debt can be dangerous.

  1. Debt for consumption – with depreciating assets, the problem of course is when the asset is worthless than the debt.
  2. Debt that stops you from giving – when it overwhelms us so much that we start to question and perhaps even withhold giving to God’s kingdom.
  3. Debt that traps you – when it puts you into a position where it locks you into a certain pattern of behavior or to a job that you just don’t like. Why have a mortgage so big that prevents you from starting a business that God has put on your heart
  4. Debt that reduces your ability to meet the need of others – as Christians, we’re called to reach out to help those in need. This is very hard to do if we find ourselves trapped in debt.
  5. Debt that causes us to violate our beliefs and values – the Bible warn us that having debt can be a form of slavery.

So before going into debt, ask God!

Is it what He really wants for your life?



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