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Episode 13: Your bank statements are theological documents



I want to talk to you about what is the most sensitive subject, and that is how we spent our money. I’ve read somewhere recently a great quote: “Our bank statements are like theological documents.” What the author really meant is that how we use our money not only tell us what we value, it tells us what we truly believe.

In fact, it’s not really correct to say that the money is ours. The money that we have is really God’s money. It raises the question, how are you spending God’s money?

If you went to heaven and God asked you to give an account of how you spent the money that He has given you during your lifetime, what do you think you might say? And what do you think He might say back to you?

Often we say to ourselves that we love God, and yet it is not reflected with our bank statements.

The truth is, the way we handle money reflects our relationship with God. The bible tells us that when we are generous to others, we are really being generous to God. When we understand that God desires our intimacy and not our money then we can be truly set free. If we are struggling with our finances it is because something else has captured our hearts. Money should be nothing more than a tool that serves us, as we serve our Lord.

So when you next receive your bank statements pray about them, and say, God, is this how you want me to spend Your money?



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