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Episode 12: Why does money matter?



Many Christians are often surprised to find out that there are more than 2,300 Bible passages that relate to money, wealth, and possession. With the sheer amount of scripture relating to money, it would seem to be stating the obvious, that money matters to God.

The reality is that money has enormous influence over our lives, and is probably the single most important thing that could distract you from your relationship and loyalty to God. Is it any wonder that the devil spends so much time scheming against us, with money?

Money even of itself is neutral, but when put to work, it can be very powerful.

If used foolishly it can destroy lives. It can enslave you and can be used to fund the devils purposes. Therefore, how we use our money matters to God greatly.

How we spend our money is often reflected not just with our understanding of money, but our spiritual condition. It is a spiritual barometer, if you like. It’s often shown, that when someone becomes a Christian the last thing to be converted is their wallet. The point is, money reflects our relationship with God.

I would argue that it is impossible to have a truly great relationship with God and not be a generous person.

So let me leave you with this question, what does the way you handle money say about your relationship with God?



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