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The audio podcast is a collection of public radio appearances and special audio productions by Alex Cook, founder of the and portals. Let's learn about what the Bible says about money, wealth and business. Be inspired by some of the greatest Christian thinkers and commentators from around the world.

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Negative returns on your superannuation

The full investment lifecycle sees positive AND negative returns. Negative returns on your superannuation are part of its natural course. Listen to our discussion and know how you can calm your nerves in these very trying times.

Giving back to God

Giving back to God should be at the forefront of our lives. As stewards, let’s ask Him to help us give to give Him the first and the best.

Preparing for Recession

We have a heavenly Father, He loves us and will not let anything harm us. Preparing for recession, for us, begins with relying on Him.


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The Christian investor

Are you finally thinking about investing your money? Good!  Do you have a plan? Your timetable to achieve your goals? Ask the hard questions NOW and save yourselves from the headaches and possible heartaches that may come.

The rewards of a generous life

The cheerful giver enjoys the rewards of a generous life, it is an abundant cycle of heavenly provisions consistently enabling you to give more to others. 

Types of super funds

Your goal is to consistently put money into your superfunds and allow compounding interest to help you grow it into your sizeable retirement funds. But is there one single superfund? Or are there types that can help you reach your goal faster, and better?

Why children fight over their inheritances

Sibling rivalry intensifies when the parent passes away. Your children will have the biggest fight WHEN you fail to put things in order. Prepare, prayer and discuss how you wish your assets divided among them.

What happens with your superannuation when you die?

Every Australian needs to know what happens with your superannuation when you die. It is technically not covered by your will, as your will pass on assets that YOU OWN! So what should you do now?

Inflation and high interest rates

After the 2-year pandemic, the world is now struggling to be financially afloat. Borrowing money to re-start businesses has become more prohibitive due to the bank’s high-interest rates. How can we navigate the risks of rebooting our businesses?


Subscribe to the ChristianWealth podcast on these platforms. Weekly updated with the weekly radio appearances of Alex Cook.

Tax Time Strategies – Giving and Generosity

Tax time is an opportunity to plan and give to charitable organizations. You are entitled to tax-deductible benefits when you give. However, giving back to the Lord is a heart issue. How much you need to give is a matter between you and God. Cheerfully obeying Him is the key.

Tax Time Strategies – Superannuation

It is again the time of the year when we all plan and prepare our taxes. Let’s about a few pointers you may consider as you look for practical (and legal) ways to use the best tax strategy possible. It is great to review all options available to you so you can maximize your resources.

Should Christians buy insurance?

It’s the reality of life, really, and yes bad things do happen to good people too. While there is absolutely no question that God will preserve and protect us from harm, we still do live in this fallen world

Your Money and the Federal Election

The Australian Federal Elections is a huge opportunity (and responsibility) for Christians to participate in. Elected public officials will directly impact our lives, as they create policies that will govern us… and yes our finances aren’t exempted from policies too.

Talking with debt collectors

I understand that talking with debt collectors can be overwhelming, sometimes, intimidating. I’ve heard of instances where a call can sometimes sound very, very aggressive. Let’s talk about this today on the podcast.

How much of my budget should go to charity?

Our world is in a lot of pain at the moment. We can do so much good work, even with a click of the mouse or a tap on our mobile phones. As Christians, we know that everything we have is God’s, so as His stewards He calls us to be generous with what He’s given us. 

The Great Reset, is it inevitable?

It is quite an interesting discussion as we relate The Great Reset with a few biblical prophesies, the fulfilment of some of them, and how it relates to prophecies that are yet to occur. Our mindset should focus on God’s action, rather than the conditions of our world. God plays the lead in humanity’s future.

What is stopping your from saving?

Executing & taking control of your spending plan are the next crucial steps on your journey to financial freedom. Surviving, in today’s world, requires you to know what you have and control the urge to spend because of today’s YOLO mindset.

Our behaviour towards money is keeping us from saving

Most people struggle with the concept of saving. Everyone thinks it is a good idea to save. Yet, the majority STILL do not save. Is it due to our income? The status we’d like to keep? What is our behaviour towards money? That is the key.

Get out of debt, start today!

Here’s the ONE-TWO punch to knock out debt faster. ONE: Get on a monthly budget. TWO: Allocate the most funds to pay the debt with the highest interest first. Punch out debt ASAP, listen to this podcast today.


Subscribe to the ChristianWealth podcast on these platforms. Weekly updated with the weekly radio appearances of Alex Cook.

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