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The audio podcast is a collection of public radio appearances and special audio productions by Alex Cook, founder of the and portals. Let's learn about what the Bible says about money, wealth and business. Be inspired by some of the greatest Christian thinkers and commentators from around the world.

This audio podacst can be accessed on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes and Stitcher.  Click the buttons to download the apps and listen to future episodes wherever you are in the world.


Do you think I should rent? Or should I buy a house?

This question that may be causing you a bit of pressure and a few sleepless nights!  In this podcast, Alex shares why it is practical to buy your own home for the long-term. However, in the short-term, it is wise to settle with renting UNTIL you get all your plans and priorities well aligned with your life goals.


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How is my superannuation related with the family will?

We know that superannuation is our money, “but not yet”.  Do you know how your superannuation behaves when you pass away?  Listen to this podcast to know how you can control your superannuation beyond the horizon! It’s more flexible than you think it is.

I’m ready to invest! Where do I start?

Are you finally thinking about investing your money? Good!  Do you have a plan? Your timetable to achieve your goals? Ask the hard questions NOW and save yourselves from the headaches and possible heartaches that may come.

I need a simple strategy to save… what is the bucket system?

Running out of money shakes most of us to the core.  What happens when we outlive our savings. This situation can be avoided if we systematically put a system to save. Let me share with you a tool that will keep you on-track and with your financial “big picture”. The BUCKET SYSTEM.

Can I put off planning my estate until I am say… 60

We really often defer thinking about it, but estate planning is so important as it will always be YOUR FINAL ACT OF STEWARDSHIP. Who are you going to leave it to if you’re definitely not bringing your money with you?  As a faithful steward, we need to give it serious thought. Let’s talk about it today on this podcast.

I’ve done my budget, but why is it still difficult to save money

You’ve done your budget plan on paper, excellent. Certainly off to a good start. Now you need to follow the plan with 100% consistency. It’s a totally different world on paper, isn’t it?  Let’s talk about a few critical elements in the budget that will help you stick to your plan. The budget structure, your goals, and time… it’s a critical balance you need to take control today.

The difference between accumulating wealth and saving

Our purpose in life isn’t to accumulate wealth, it is to glorify God with the wealth He has provided us. In this episode, let’s consider a story in Proverbs about the humble ant. This little creature can teach us a great lesson in money management.

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