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“Faith is essential in your success. Faith is needed in almost every area of our lives: work, projects,  and small business endeavors,” – Alex Cook

Adding “Super” to the “Natural”

Apr 26, 2016 | BUSINESS, Kingdom Business | 0 comments

God is a supernatural God. He is able to do things that are beyond our expectation and imagination. He is the God of the impossible. He turns impossibilities to possibilities, for us and through us. He does this in every area of our lives, even in our jobs and businesses.

Engaging in business is no easy task. Everyday is a challenge to face. There will be countless moments and seasons where we will confront stumbling blocks and circumstances that are beyond our control and only by his grace and favor can we break through. In the natural realm, we are limited and bound by time and resources. But with God powerfully working in and through us, we can experience miracles and breakthroughs. In Him, we have all that we need.

It can be purchasing supplies for a more affordable cost, looking for investors and valuable connections, creating excellent marketing strategies that will effectively sell your products and services, beating the deadline for a deliverable, setting an appointment with a prospective client or as simple as being on time for a meeting on a traffic Monday morning. In all these things, God is at work and He is able to make all grace abound to us.

When we need wisdom, He gives without finding fault. When we need things to be done in a limited time but it is seemingly impossible, God can. He is FAITHFUL. Even things that we thought would take months can happen in an instant. When we need resources, God provides. Indeed, nothing is impossible with Him.

As Christians, we should do our businesses with His power and grace. He is the God who grants success when we commit our ways to Him and He blesses the works of our hands. As we go about our daily work, we should ask Him for help, guidance, direction, and wisdom. We must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit who is the Wonderful Counselor. We must ask Him to open the right doors and lead us to the right opportunities so we can give Him glory as we conduct our business dealings.

We must remember that Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit can achieve anything that God wants.

God has sent His Son, Jesus so we can live our lives to the full. Jesus, when He was still alive, healed the sick, made the deaf hear and the blind see. He raised the dead to life! The very same Spirit that was in Him has been given to us, God’s children, so we can fulfill the purpose that God has for each of us. Truly, we can do all things through Him who gives us strength. And all things include our jobs and our calling.

Isn’t God amazing? In all that we do, He empowers us to do the impossible and He leaves us stunned and amazed each time. He never fails. He always comes through. He always provides.

In our businesses and all our endeavors, we do the ‘natural’ and God does the ‘super’.



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