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How does God measure our giving

How does God measure our giving?

For Christian giving, there are three parties to our gifts. There’s the giver, the recipient, and God, the often, overlooked party. But how does God,


Is He the Lord of your money too

Is HE the Lord of Your Money Too?

We always declare that Jesus is Lord but many times forget what it means to make Him Lord over our lives. We make Him Master

Should You Borrow to Buy a Car

Should You Borrow to Buy a Car?

  For most people, a car is considered the second biggest expense after housing. This four-wheeled product of human ingenuity has become a sure-fire status

Investment Success

The simplest way to build wealth

In this day and age, with all the spending options available to us, it’s hard to save. The savings rate in most wealthy countries indicate that

Kingdom Business

Business as a mission field

Turning Your Business Into a Mission Field

Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs don’t see themselves just as businesspeople but as a missionaries. In recent years, the term “Business as Mission” has been popularized in Christian


Fundraising Fatigue

Fundraising Fatigue?

Is there really such a thing as fundraising or donor fatigue? Marc Pitman of FundraisingCoach.com explained why donor fatigue is a myth. “I don’t know of

Common Fundraising Mistakes

Common Fundraising Mistakes

  Scott Rodin, in his book, The Seven Deadly Sins of Christian Fundraising, lists these seven deadly sins in fundraising: being unprepared for the battle;

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