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Episode 16 : Building a Business that has a Kingdom Impact



Christian Wealth TV (CWTV) – Episode 16
An interview with Wez Hone, Founder, Business Greenhouse

A Christian businessmen is specially gifted by the Lord to multiply and increase the profitability of a business. He is likewise tasked to steer it towards making a Kingdom impact too. Wez Hone says “if one would like to make a Kingdom impact, they need to spend a considerable amount of time with the King. Radical intimacy with God is REQUIRED to have a massive impact in this world.

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Episode 4 : Keys to creating a Successful Kingdom Business

CW Podcast

Episode 3: Generosity
October 29, 2015

What does true generosity looks like? Most of us naturally tend to think that they are reasonably generous. In fact I’m yet to meet anyone that says, “Hey I’m really stingy!”. But are we really generous?

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