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What Generosity in Your Church Could Look Like

There is something special about generosity: it moves people. If there were a few things which could change our broken world, generosity would surely be one of them. I believe that for revival to come to Western nations, generosity must be one of the pillars in that rebuilding. Statistics clearly show that the Western Church is suffering from a “generosity shortfall.” But there is good news! When we take a look at the early Church we can see what is…

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Episode 17 : Dealing with Ethical Issues in Business
What Generosity in Your Church Could Look Like

CW Podcast

Episode 3: Generosity
October 29, 2015

What does true generosity looks like? Most of us naturally tend to think that they are reasonably generous. In fact I’m yet to meet anyone that says, “Hey I’m really stingy!”. But are we really generous?