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Vision - The driving force behind successful entrepreneurs

The driving force behind successful entrepreneurs




There are two statements that no successful entrepreneur can live without.  They are the driving force and reference point for all decisions.  They are your Mission & Vision.

These are powerful statements that will inspire you each day, by reminding you of your purpose. They will also provide direction and focus to your business’ activities. Why waste time doing things that won’t help you achieve your Mission and your Vision?

Let’s begin by looking at what God says: Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. – Proverbs 29:18


Your vision is critical to your staff. It needs to be compelling, relevant and realistic. I remember when I was working for a large American Stockbroking firm; you arrived at work, you exited the elevator and in front of you was a list of the Company’s values and principles. There was only one problem; they never lived up to them!

The same applies to your Mission and Vision. They need to be big enough for your staff to see that they are part of something bigger than themselves, but not so big that they just scoff at it.

I used the word ‘realistic’ above with caution, as I believe your Vision should be big enough that you can’t achieve it without God’s help. (This is arguably unrealistic in natural terms).

Likewise your customers want to know what you stand for.



Your Mission is your purpose as an organisation and why you exist.

It can be broken into three important and distinct parts:

  • WHAT it does;
  • WHO it does it for;
  • HOW it does what it does.

A few rules:

  • It should be concise.
  • It should be memorable.
  • Your employees should be able to articulate it, if requested.


For example – The Mission of Wealth with Purpose“Train Christians to Honor God and Live Freely through Wise Biblical Money Management”

What: Biblical Money Management Courses

Who:   Christians

How:   Train



Your Vision should create an image in the minds of your staff and customers of what your organization will achieve over time. It should be an inspiration to you, your staff and your customers as to what your organization will look like in the future; perhaps five, ten or more years ahead. Your employees will understand what their work is contributing to and what they will be accomplishing.

In fact, asking potential employees if they know the Vision of your organization is a good first test. But more so, it will be their reaction, when you explain it to them, which could be very enlightening! If they sound genuinely excited about your Vision, they may well make good employees. If their eyes “glaze over”, perhaps they are not the right fit for you?

For example: Wealth with Purpose “Christians Investing for Eternity”

It is our desire that, through our courses, we will see Christians get their finances in order first and foremost. Upon achieving that goal, they will then redirect their focus towards “Investing in Eternity’; by using the resources that God has blessed them with to fund the great commission, help the poor and be a blessing.

What is the Mission & Vision that God has given you?


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The driving force behind successful entrepreneurs
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The driving force behind successful entrepreneurs
Your organization's Mission & Vision statements should create an image in the minds of your staff and customers. This image should be of what your organization will achieve over time.
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