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Episode 9: Nobody knows the future



Can you predict the future?

When I started out in the financial advise business, I would pour over the latest research report and devour any financial report that I can get my hands on. In the hope that these reports would help me predict the future, mainly by picking the right investment for my funds. But after a short while I soon realize that the so-called experts (despite being quite convincing in their arguments) really had no more idea than the rest of us. And this was underscored 6 months later when you realize that they’re in fact, a wreck!

So you have to ask yourself, why(?), and the bible tells us exactly why. “Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come.” – Ecclesiastes 8:7

In other words, the army of experts (out there) who were being paid to tell us the future, really have not much more ideas than the rest of us. To be fair, the problem is that there are simply too many variables in the world (and unpredictables) that can change the course of the future.

So given that nobody knows the future what should we do? Let me give you another piece of wisdom from the Bible, “the sensible man watches the problems ahead and prepares to make it, the simpleton never looks and suffer the consequence”. Proverbs 27:12

So here is the deal then, rather than spending time excessively reading about other people’s opinion about people, just focus on facts and information and the big future.

Their often the only thing that matters.



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Need help to get out of debt?